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My love...can you imagine it?
  • Picking healthy, loving & emotionally available partners that can meet your needs, make you feel safe & can give you that happy ever after that you have been dreaming of


  • Feeling so self-assured that you no longer have to ask your partner constantly to reassure you & tell you they love you 100x a day to soothe your anxiety


  • Able to focus on other areas of your life rather than watching your phone waiting for their text & overthinking every interaction wondering if they are losing interest & will leave you


  • Feeling safe within yourself as you have deep self-trust, able to be yourself, validate you, put your needs first & input boundaries without guilt

  • No longer feeling ‘needy’ as you fill up your own cup & make you happy so you can just enjoy what the other person has to give without expectations & pressure


  • Being able to communicate your needs… wait no, first, knowing what your needs are & then being able to communicate your needs without it turning into a more walking on eggshells

  • Self-soothing your anxiety & working through your own triggers without pushing them away with self-sabotaging behaviour

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Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 13.22.09.png
detached from a NARCISSIsT
& found security
in self
Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 13.21.45.png
How Zaina
walked away from a
& chose
Right now you ARE...
  • You are an overachiever, that has worked so hard to achieve so much but doesn’t feel like you're enough, often seen as the 'strong' one by others, your self-critical, put everyone first before you & you change yourself to please others

  • You attract partners that are emotionally unavailable & unable to meet your needs, perhaps things are good at first but then they pull away when you get close. You get very anxious when they pull away, chasing after them, asking them what you did & working harder for their attention

  • You over-attach very quickly to new partners, ignoring red flags as they make you feel good and giving them all your attention as you think they are the ONE, without them having to prove anything

  • You are unsure of what your needs are or how to make you happy so you are putting that pressure on the other person, perhaps they say you are too 'needy' or 'clingy'

  • You overthink every interaction looking for signs their losing interest or leaving you.You're attached to your phone waiting for them to message on high alert. You need constant reassurance or nitpick fights to get it.

  • You’re unable to process your emotions & triggers, perhaps having emotional convo’s or sending long texts about how you feel without clearly communicating what you need from them so they are just confused


  • You feel rejected when they are unavailable or online not messaging you, you expect them to spend all their time & focus on you. You have given up your interests to be with them & keep yourself very available for them, even cancelling plans with friends.

  • You put up with shitty behaviour that doesn’t make you feel good but you aren’t able to communicate clear boundaries & stick to them. You struggle to walk away even when you know you should, infact, begging them to stay

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It's time to that you can have & enjoy the healthy, loving relationships that you deserve without your anxiety sabotaging them.
Hi, I'm Candice... a Trauma & Mindset Coach

I am on a mission to help you have healthy, secure & loving relationships with yourself & others.

I experienced ALOT of trauma as a child & had a deeeepp abandonment wound

I was anxiously attached in all of my relationships, I attracted partners that couldn't meet my needs, but I begged, pleaded & fixed to try to make it work. Losing myself at the same time.

I sabotaged relationships with needy behaviour, putting all my focus on them as I had no idea how to make me happy.

I had no idea what a boundary was so I kept myself super available & that meant also putting up with shitty behaviour. 

I was riddled with anxiety & anxious thoughts, overthinking every interaction, waiting by my phone for their text & needing constant reassurance. 

This was all before I knew it was coming from my trauma & abandonment wound.

Once I knew I was anxiously attached, I was able to work on healing my abandonment wound, changing my patterns & reprogramming my mind & nervous system to receive healthy love without anxiety. 

I built my self-trust & now, I'm a secure attachment style, able to have healthy attachments that make me feel safe & good. And better yet, I make myself feel safe, I honour my needs first & I no longer accept anything that doesn't bring me value as I now know my worth.

But it wasn't an easy road to get here, it took years of suffering & painful mistakes.

There was no one to show me the path. This is why I do what I do. To show you the exact path in a fraction of the time & heartbreaks (ouch!) because I know first hand, how painful it is to live with an anxious attachment style.

Anxious to Secure in Love is the EXACT method I used myself & have used with hundreds of clients to take them from Anxious to Secure attachment in a short amount of time. 

It really is a labour of love, one I wish I had when I was suffering which I why I have crafted it to have everything you need to move to a secure attachment. Not just surface level reprogramming, deeeepp subconscious reprogramming for long term transformation. 

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Emma screenshot 1.jpg
Emma screenshot.jpg
Emma's story...
How EMMA went from anxiously attaching to
emotionally unavailable partners to
attracting a secure relationship

After years of therapy, I found myself understanding my habits/thoughts/behaviours and not really knowing what to do about them. I couldn't believe how many changes I made in just 3 months of working with Candice

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This is for YOU,if....
  • You know you have an anxious attachment style /abandonment wound & are ready to work on healing it so that you can have the healthy, loving relationships you deserve. Anxious attachment impacts all of your relationships including your relationship with yourself so this program will work for non-romatic relationships too as overcoming anxious attachment style is about you.


  • You are single & would like to find a partner but you attract partners that can't meet your needs & treat you how you deserve. You over-attach early,  ignore red flags but put all your eggs in their basket, get very preoccupied with them easily without much effort on their part, only for them to pull away leaving you anxious, wondering what you did. 


  • You are in a relationship but know you are sabotaging it with your anxiety, feeling needy & overthinking every interaction, putting pressure on your partner, suppressing your needs to please them & unable to communicate assertively without it turning into a conflict

Ready to have the safe, loving relationships that you deserve?

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Thought so...let me introduce to you....
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The ONLY program you need to take you from ANXIOUS to SECURE in LOVE
This is my signature program that all of my clients have been through to move from anxious to secure. I pride myself on this being the only program you need to move from anxious to secure, as it covers all aspects of anxious attachment style from healing the root cause of your anxious attachment to creating new secure patterns, at a conscious & subconscious level for lasting change.

Not only that, but it's a practical program where each module you will actually be transforming, not just listening to me speak. You will feel the shifts!

On top of that, you will be taught life changing tools that you will be able to integrate into your life & use for all areas of your life going forward. 

But please don't take my word for it, the proof is in the pudding... I have tons of testimonials for this program & tons of past clients have been interviewed on my F*CK TRAUMA podcast because they just wanted to share their transformations... I didn't pay them or give them anything in exchange.

They simply wanted to do it because the results spoke for themselves. 

And now you have the opportunity to get the same results.
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What's INCLUDED...
  • Self-Paced Unlimited Access
  • ​​16 Video Recorded Modules
  • 250 Page Workbook
  • Inner Child Healing
  • EFT Tapping
  • Subconscious Reprogramming For LONG Lasting Transformation
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Programme OUTLINE...

Gain clarity on where you are currently, where you really want to be without the fear & what is holding you back.


Connect with yourself to get to know who you really are, without others opinions, who you are at your core, your values, passions, qualities etc


Going deep into recognising what the root cause of your anxiety is so that we can begin the healing process


Letting go of the stories you have told yourself & healing your wounds with inner child healing. Learning how to reassure & validate yourself. 


Identifying what your needs are & learning how to honour them, having a clear roadmap of action steps to do this

Identify what you need from others. If single, working on breaking the pattern of over-attaching early & attracting unavailable partners. If in a relationship, learn what you need from your partner & how to ask for it


Identifying your triggers, learning how to work through them & soothe your anxiety with EFT tapping (a super simple & effective tool)


Identifying what boundaries need to be put in, releasing any guilt with inner child healing & taking actionable steps to input them


Learning how to communicate your need’s & boundaries to others in a way that is clear & without conflict


Reflecting on the past 10 modules, & ensuring you have the tools & steps to go forward on your journey.
PLUS... additional modules...
The Gamechanger...
These modules are designed to reprogram your subconscious mind & the subconscious beliefs that are controlling you. These modules will guide you to reprogramming your deepest beliefs like "I am not good enough", "People leave me" or "I am not chosen/prioritised"

These beliefs are sabotaging all your of relationships & stopping you from getting the loving relationships you deserve. I promise, this is the missing key!

What's more is... this EXACT process can be used for every area of your life to reprogram new beliefs so get ready to feel & see changes that will blow you away and that actually last as your subconscious is as deep as it goes!

Module 1: Your Self - Concept
Uncovering & removing core beliefs controlling you like "I am not enough", "I am not chosen", "I am always abandoned" plus more

Module 2: Your Self - Concept in Relationships
Uncovering & removing core beliefs in relationships like "I'm not worthy of commitment", "I always attract emotionally unavailable partners", "people cheat on me"

Module 3: The Pedestal
Taking them off the pedestal and putting you on it where you belong!

Module 4: Your Identity
Shifting your identity to the secure version of you that has the dream relationship you desire!

30 Day Challenge
Simple tools & step by step plan to reprogram your beliefs subconsciously in just 30days for long term change

Making sure you have all you need to carry on your journey as a secure attachment!
Single... thinking you did the work because you are happy single and you don't have anxious thoughts but you start dating & keep attracting non-commital partners, and as soon as you are attached & like them... hello anxiety!

In a relationship... you found someone you like but you're walking on eggshells in the relationship afraid to be 'too much' incase they leave you. But not being able to control your anxiety so sabotaging your relationship by pushing them away with needy behaviour.  

My love, anxious attachment is a trauma response.. deep routed in childhood. You have to do the DEEP subconscious work to reprogram it to make any changes or you will keep repeating these patterns on auto pilot.

It's not your fault but it is in your interest to do the inner work to change it, so that you can have the relationships you deserve. There is no one to change but you. 

This program shows you exactly how. 
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Image by Vows on the Move

It's a random Wednesday 1 year from now


You are finally in the relationship of your dreams with your dream partner that adores you, but best of all... you finally adore you. You feel worthy & deserving of this healthy, loving relationship. 


Your alarm goes off & you roll over to look at your phone and to your delight, there is a 'Goodmorning babe' message waiting for you from your boo... tons of heart emoji's too!


Usually, you wake up to their cuddles but they are away at the moment. Just a year ago, you would have been riddled with separation anxiety & consumed with anxious thoughts waiting by your phone


But not today...

You get up to start your morning routine, filling yourself up with love because you have finally put yourself on the pedestal. Speaking only the kindest words to you as that harsh inner critic has been replaced with a self-loving voice that knows they are enough


You are dancing around your living room with pure joy. No anxiety in sight.

You get up to start your morning routine, filling yourself up with love because you have finally put yourself on the pedestal. Speaking only the kindest words to you as that harsh inner critic has been replaced with a self-loving voice that knows they are enough


You are dancing around your living room with pure joy. No anxiety in sight.


You get on with your day completely focused on you, not checking your phone because you don't need to. You are secure in you & the value you bring to your relationships.


Ofcourse, they wouldn't leave you... you finally realise you are too valuable to lose!


But around midday, you get a message to say "Thinking of you" from boo - awww how cute, you acknowledge how nice it is to have but you no longer need it to feel reassured.


Ofcourse they're thinking of you, why wouldn't they? you're amazing! & finally you see that too!


In the evening, your boo is home from their trip. They greet you with flowers & tell you how much they missed you.


You enjoy the evening together, feeling loved, valued & cherished.


Finally a partnership on the same page, someone to build a life with & full of the love you deserve.


As you are falling to sleep, you say a little thank you to yourself for doing the work to be able to attract & feel worthy of this love. You couldn't imagine your life any different now, it was all worth it. 

Bunch of roses
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I am now in a committed relationship with the person I'm pretty sure I'm gonna end up marrying" - Andreea

Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 14.26.14.png
overcame a break-up
& found security
in self
Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 13.57.36.png

Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 14.39.04.png
begging for 

& built
Continue going at it alone & try to break your patterns yourself over time with painful lessons, & in the meantime getting stuck in relationships that don't serve you or worse toxic, or sabotaging your relationships by pushing them away with your anxious behaviour
Try a tried & tested method that actually works to guide you to feeling more secure in yourself & your relationships in a short amount of time & giving you the tools to be able to manage your anxiety going forward so that you can have healthy & loving relationships & actually enjoy them!
Which one are you choosing?
Anchor 1
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Your investment in YOU
Full instant access
(Around $1350)
 Payment Plans
I know what you're THINKING...
How could I possibly spend this money on myself???

This is your anxious attachment at play my love, believing that you are not worthy, worthy of investing in, worthy of having the relationships you crave, worthy of putting YOU first, but there is no one more important than you. 

You wouldn't think twice about spending this money on a holiday, would you? 

Only, when you get back from holiday... the same anxiety is still there.
The same anxious thoughts are still there.
The same harsh inner critic is still there.
The same feeling of not being good enough & worthy are still there.

The same sh*tty relationship issues are still there. 

So isn't it time you do something different?

Because when you do the inner work, EVERY aspect of your life changes for the better.

Isn't it time that you choose you? as who's going to choose you if you won't even choose you... said with love

How much is the secure, loving and healthy relationship without anxiety you crave worth to you? that your besties seem to get so easily!

So what if the question became, how could I possibly not spend this money on myself?

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How jess went from her ex calling her needy to feeling confident & self-assured

"The calmness and security I have in my relationships and myself is invaluable. You can’t put a dollar amount on it. I’m so glad I committed myself to this program "


  • What is the difference between coaching & therapy?
    Therapy is great for talking about your feelings, trauma events & processing your emotions but it doesn't give you the path or action steps to move past the trauma, to get you to where you want to be. Coaching is this gap, it is results driven & requires action. It is designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be. My coaching also addresses/heals the trauma & then moves you forward. A lot of my clients have been in therapy for years & haven't seen results, after just a few months working with me, they make changes in their lives/minds that they NEVER thought they would.
  • What's included with private coaching?
    > 3 x 1:1 60min sessions via video call with Candice per month > Unlimited private voxer voicenote/text support with Candice > Fieldwork & worksheets inbetween sessions > Tools & techniques for self-coaching
  • How will sessions take place?
    They are all online over video call on zoom
  • What if I'm in another country?
    No problem, I work with clients all around the world in different time zones so that isn't a problem, we will be able to find a time that suits.
  • Do you offer one session at a time?
    I don't, my coaching is based on getting you results and guides you through a tried & tested model which I can only guarantee results once followed for a certain amount of time.
  • I can't afford 1:1 coaching at the moment, is there an alternative?
    Yes, I created The Secure Mastermind which is a beautiful hybrid of 1:1 & group coaching at an affordable price. For more details click the button below:
  • What is voxer support?
    Voxer is a free app that allows you to voice note or text me directly outside of our sessions for any guidance that you may need or want to work through. This is your private access to me throughout our container for your maximum support & growth.
  • Not seen the answer to your question here.....
    No problem, book a free 15min call on the link above & I will answer any questions you have, alternatively contact me on


How Claire went from feeling lost & begging for bare minimum attention from others to feeling secure & recognising her value in self

"I can establish boundaries, and I no longer base my self worth on the opinions of others. I know I am not asking for too much, and the right person will understand that, and stay. I feel comfortable being me."

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