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Babe, money is just energy... anyone can receive abundance but as anxious attachment, your anxiety will be stopping the flow of money to you. 

At the core of anxious attachment is the belief that you are not good enough, this shows up in all aspects of your life... including in your relationship with money

Not only that, but our anxiety is fear which naturally repels the flow of money to us. The same way your anxious energy pushes people away is the EXACT same way it's pushing money away too. 

This masterclass is life changing at learning how your anxiety is repelling money, uncover what beliefs are stopping your flow of money to you & learn EXACTLY what shifts to make to stop the flow & start receiving more.. like you deserve babe!

available for just £22/$27
inside the secure in love monthly membership

Introducing the secure in love
monthly membership

I have designed this membership to give you access to expert guidance, a cheerleading squad of support at your fingertips & the place for you to feel like you belong

The expansion & support you will get will be like no other, that I promise you!

The most supportive & safe space on the internet, all for you!

What's in the membership?

Monthly LIVE Q&A calL with candice

Ask for guidance on anything you need, if you don't want to participate on the call that's fine, you can still submit your question & have it answered.

Monthly masterclasses

Each month we will have a different relevant topic to support you on your joruney to feeling secure.

A supportive private community

A community of like-minded souls via facebook ready to support you

Tools for self-soothing & healing

  • Nervous system hacks to soothe your anxiety

  • Weekly journal prompts specific for anxious attachment

  • 30 days to loving you challenge + more

Exclusive access & discounts

To masterclasses, trainings & events with Candice 

WORTH £33/$39 ALONE!!!



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All for Less than half the price of a cup of coffee a day..

Use code MASTERCLASS at checkout to get this masterclass & first month in the membership for just £22/$27

  • Membership

    Every month
Around $39 dollars

This is an on-going monthly membership that you can cancel anytime. You will be billed the regular price of £33 after the first month.

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available inside the membership

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