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A low cost, low commitment monthly membership to learn how to feel secure in you & your relationshiPS

For independent badasses that are wanting to stop second guessing themselves in relationships, & finally feel secure in love & relationships

If you’re anything like my clients, I’m willing to guess…


  • You know you have a lot to offer, & you feel like you’re able to kill it in so many areas of your life… Work is going great, your friends are top notch, but when it comes to relationships - you can’t help but second guess yourself. It’s the one area you feel out of control in, & you’re 100% over it.

  • You have a big drive & ambition for your life, & are set on achieving so much… but as soon as a new relationship starts to blossom, you're all that drive goes out the window as you become consumed with overthinking & anxious thoughts about the relationship. Next thing you know, you’ve put your life on hold to please someone else!

  • You know the kind of relationship you want, you've seen your friends have it… The kind where you can be best friends, completely in love, & each others support network… but the partners you keep attracting & entertaining seem to all be emotionally unavailable… it leads you to thinking “where are all the good guys out there!!”

  • You're done making excuses for shitty behavior & want to have the courage to walk away from situations that don’t serve you & stand up for what you know you deserve - love, happiness, support and CARE.

  • You often feel bad for boring your friends with every single detail of your anxious thoughts in your relationships - you know it’s never going anywhere, & if you’re really honest - it feels like no one fully understands what you’re going through anyway

  • You’re over feeling crazy. You’re over feeling alone in this. & you’re CRAVING a community of people that just *get it*


You've consumed all the online content on anxious attachment style…


But despite all the hours of consuming, you still don't feel like you have the courage to do what you know you need to

First of all -  I see you.
I get you. I WAS you!

Hey, i'm candice

A Trauma & mindset coach, dedicated to guiding you to having healthy relationships with yourself & others. 

I specialise in attachment trauma, anxious attachment style in particular.

Why? because I was anxiously attached too.


I had a deep fear of abandonment from childhood & even though I knew I had experienced a lot of trauma as a child, I had no idea about attachment styles.

It's wild how little information & support is out there on them, you could be in therapy for years & they wouldn't even mention them. Yet, they are literally the exact reason we struggle to have healthy relationships with ourselves & others.


For years, I stayed in toxic relationships, clinging hold of them because I now know, my abandonment wound was so triggered. I attracted partners that couldn't meet my needs, but I begged, pleaded & worked hard to try to make it work. Losing myself at the same time. I sabotaged relationships with needy behaviour, putting all my focus on them as I had no idea how to make me happy. I had no idea what a boundary was so kept myself super available & that meant also putting up with shitty behaviour. I was riddled with anxiety & anxious thoughts, overthinking every interaction, waiting by my phone for their text & needing constant reassurance.

Honestly, I thought I was crazy!!


This was all before I knew I was anxiously attached. Once I knew, I was able to work on healing my inner wounds, changing my patterns & reprogramming my mind & nervous system to receive healthy love without anxiety. 

And now, it is my mission to guide my clients & my community to do the same, I get huge results because I have literally been where you are, felt everything you feel and know exactly what you need to not.

It's my superpower. 

And because I genuinely know how painful it is and want you to not feel how I did, crazy, alone, confused, frustrated, stressed, upset, hopeless...

& that’s exactly why I am now dedicated to helping you become secure in love. Every single person deserves their happy ever after - & you are no different my love.


The truth of it is, no matter how much you read about anxious attachment types, what you really need is to HEAL the attachment type to become SECURE in love.


& that doesn’t happen from consuming IG stories & reels.


That happens through long term support, which is exactly why I’ve created this membership.

Walk with me for a second...

imagine what if...

Every time you felt anxious, you had a supportive group to turn to at your fingertips, that immediately understood more having your friends look at you like you're crazy when they can't understand why you don't just walk away!

Everytime you were second guessing yourself, blaming yourself & overthinking you could get the guidance you need to have peace of mind (priceless!)

Everytime fear kept you stuck, you had your own cheerleading squad to encourage you to take action

You had a community of like-minded incredible souls, that gets you.. like really gets you, a network of friends & a place to belong

You had a badass coach who is so invested in you having the best relationships you deserve that you could ask for guidance on how to navigate dating & relationships from a place of security (and if you have seen my content, you know I give SO MUCH value)

All for Less Than half the price of a cup of coffee a day

This is for you if...

Anxiously attached in a relationship, perhaps even in the anxious & avoidant trap and want support with how to navigate it

You're single & anxiously attached, over-attaching to new partners quickly, ignoring red flags and forgoing all boundaries, perhaps you want support to navigate dating & those red flags

You're anxiously attached in a situationship that you know you need to get out of so want the support to have the courage to do so

You're anxiously attached & going through a breakup and need support to break the attachment & stop blaming yourself

You want support in improving your relationship with yourself & your relationships in general

You know you have anxious attachment & want to hear from people that also have it so that you don't feel alone

Being anxiously attached can be a lonely & frustrating
place to be but not anymore...

Introducing the secure in love
monthly membership

I have designed this membership to give you access to expert guidance, a cheerleading squad of support at your fingertips & the place for you to feel like you belong

The expansion & support you will get will be like no other, that I promise you!

The most supportive & safe space on the internet, all for you!

What's in the membership?

Monthly LIVE Q&A calL with candice

Ask for guidance on anything you need, if you don't want to participate on the call that's fine, you can still submit your question & have it answered.

Monthly masterclasses

Each month we will have a different relevant topic to support you on your joruney to feeling secure.

A supportive private community

A community of like-minded souls via facebook ready to support you

Tools for self-soothing & healing

  • Nervous system hacks to soothe your anxiety

  • Weekly journal prompts specific for anxious attachment

  • 30 days to loving you challenge + more

Exclusive access & discounts

To masterclasses, trainings & events with Candice 

WORTH £33/$39 ALONE!!!



Trap - Masterclass Banner (1).png

All for Less than half the price of a cup of coffee a day..

Use code 'IAMSECURE' at checkout to get your first month in the membership for £22/$27

  • Membership

    Every month
Around $39 dollars

This is an on-going monthly membership that you can cancel anytime. 

Masterclasses available inside membership:

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