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welcome to the most supportive space on the internet!

I am so happy you found us, Let me guess...

You're an independent badass that has a lot to offer but you second guess yourself in your relationships


You have big ideas for your life but you're consumed with overthinking of anxious thoughts in your relationships, all your dreams go out the window to please them

You've consumed all the online content on anxious attachment style but you don't have the courage to do what you know you need to

You know the kind of relationship you want, you've seen your friends have it but you just keep attracting & entertaining emotionally unavailable partners

You're done making excuses for shitty behaviour & want to have the courage to walk away & stand up for what your know you deserve. 

You feel bad boring your friends with every single detail of your anxious thoughts in your relationships & honestly, they just don't understand what you're feeling.


You want to stop feeling crazy and realise that you are not alone, everyone experiences the same anxious attachment symptoms

And all you really want is to have the most healthiest & loving relationships where you can enjoy them without being riddled with anxiety.. did I guess right?

Firstly, you're not crazy, I assure you! this membership will show you that!

Walk with me for a second... imagine what if...

Every time you felt anxious, you had a supportive group to turn to at your fingertips, that immediately understood more having your friends look at you like you're crazy when they can't understand why you don't just walk away!

Everytime you were second guessing yourself, blaming yourself & overthinking you could get the guidance you need to have peace of mind (priceless!)

Everytime fear kept you stuck, you had your own cheerleading squad to encourage you to take action

You had a community of like-minded incredible souls, that gets you.. like really gets you, a network of friends & a place to belong

You had a badass coach who is so invested in you having the best relationships you deserve that you could ask for guidance on how to navigate dating & relationships from a place of security (and if you have seen my content, you know I give SO MUCH value)

All for half the price of a cup of coffee a day

Hey, i'm candice

A Trauma & mindset coach, dedicated to guiding you to having healthy relationships with yourself & others. 

I specialise in attachment trauma, anxious attachment style in particular.

Why? because I was anxiously attached too.


I had a deep fear of abandonment from childhood & even though I knew I had experienced a lot of trauma as a child, I had no idea about attachment styles.

It's wild how little information & support is out there on them, you could be in therapy for years & they wouldn't even mention them. Yet, they are literally the exact reason we struggle to have healthy relationships with ourselves & others.


For years, I stayed in toxic relationships, clinging hold of them because I now know, my abandonment wound was so triggered. I sabotaged relationships too with my anxiety. Honestly, I thought I was crazy!!

At times it was so lonely, I felt so misunderstood as all I wanted was to be loved, and I thought I would never be able to overcome this, but I did. I worked to heal my anxious attachment style & learnt to have secure, healthy relationships. Attachment styles are trauma responses, which can be reversed. 

And now, it is my mission to guide my clients & my community to do the same, I get huge results because I have literally been where you are, felt everything you feel and know exactly what you need to not.

It's my superpower. 

And because I genuinely know how painful it is and want you to not feel how I did, crazy, alone, confused, frustrated, stressed, upset, hopeless...

I have created this membership, to give you the on-going support & community that I know I would have done anything to have when I was where you are.

Being anxiously attached can be a lonely & frustrating
place to be but not anymore...

Introducing the secure in love
monthly membership

I have designed this membership to give you access to expert guidance, a cheerleading squad of support at your fingertips & the place for you to feel like you belong

The expansion & support you will get will be like no other, that I promise you!

The most supportive & safe space on the internet, all for you!

this membership is not

Going to teach you how to heal your anxious attachment, this is what my group programme Anxious to Secure in Love is for

A bank of masterclasses you don't know how to use practically & you never get round to watching

A facebook group that no one uses so it's like tumbleweed when you ask for support

A library of resources you never use

Hands-off support from the coach & access to their team member instead 

WHAT this membership

A coach in your pocket - direct access to & tailor made practical guidance from Candice to navigate your relationships as an anxious attachment from a secure place

Your own cheersquad - on your phone anytime - an interactive, supportive group of people that get you

A place to belong - a community of likeminded people that make you feel safe & seen

This is for you if...

Anxiously attached in a relationship, perhaps even in the anxious & avoidant trap and want support with how to navigate it

You're single & anxiously attached, over-attaching to new partners quickly, ignoring red flags and forgoing all boundaries, perhaps you want support to navigate dating & those red flags

You're anxiously attached in a situationship that you know you need to get out of so want the support to have the courage to do so

You're anxiously attached & going through a breakup and need support to break the attachment & stop blaming yourself

You want support in improving your relationship with yourself & your relationships in general

You know you have anxious attachment & want to hear from people that also have it so that you don't feel alone

Ok let's get down to the nitty gritty....

What's in the membership?

1/2 LIVE Q&A calls a month with candice

Ask for guidance on anything you need, if you don't want to participate on the call that's fine, you can still submit your question & have it answered. It's not compulsory to attend the calls, you can use them as you need. Calls are recorded for anytime access & will be LIVE at times that work for different timezones.

A supportive & Safe group chaT

Straight to your phone via voxer with a community of like-minded souls & Candice ready to support you via text or voice note daily

Exclusive access & discounts

To masterclasses, trainings & events with Candice 

All for half the price of a cup of coffee a day..