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I am  Enough.

The ultimate 90min
deep healing, mindset shifting, self-loving session with inner child healing
Babe, It's time to fall in love with you
My love...can you imagine it?

No longer having daily anxiety, instead knowing how to regulate, moderate & move through anxious thoughts & feelings when they come up

Creating a healthy, loving relationship that you feel secure in, no longer filled with anxiety/doubts & totally able to communicate your needs clearly

Feeling so self-assured that you don't have to rely on others for reassurance, no more feeling 'needy'

Trusting you and your intuition with full faith - able to face your fears rather than let them control you

Breaking free from self sabotaging patterns & living authentically with full self acceptance & compassion. 

Mastering your mindset so you no longer bully yourself with negative self talk, thoughts and comparisons

Putting yourself first without guilt, communicating your needs & boundaries assertively with ease, only having relationships in your life that are adding value to you

Knowing & loving yourself so much that you don’t feel like you have to change yourself in order to fit in, you’re fully connected & accepting of who you are naturally

Not wasting time & energy overthinking every interaction, holding yourself back & worrying about others opinions

Creating daily healthy self loving habits that empower your wellbeing, filling yourself up & making you happy

Feeling confident in your worth & making decisions from a place of love, not fear

This session is a powerful start to building that healthy  relationship with YOU
This is for YOU,if....
You are high-achieving, independent, driven with your shit together but your relationship with yourself
& others is off balance


You over-give in your relationships, often feeling resentful for not getting the same in return. You focus on other people and their problems, often giving unsolicited advice. 

You are an over-thinker, consumed with anxious thoughts about what others are thinking & if they like you
You feel responsible for others and their moods, you go along with what others want to please them, often losing yourself & not having a strong opinion on what you want

You struggle to make decisions, even small day to day decisions fearing the consequences if you made the wrong decision

You experience high levels of guilt and anxiety at the thought of saying no, setting boundaries or putting your needs first

You rely on external validation and are always seeking reassurance in your relationships
You haven't got a strong sense of your identity, you suppress what you want & need but are self critical, self doubting, willing to take the blame for others and often don't feel good enough.

You're a perfectionist and struggle with hearing any kind of criticism or feedback, internalising it deeply. 

You can be controlling, nagging and critical in your relationships, sometimes can feel jealousy, struggle to manage your triggers, communicate effectively with others and fear they will leave you.
You attract and go for unavailable partners that you over-attach quickly to, ignore red flags, finding it hard to leave, settling for minimal effort & shitting behaviour 
It's time to honour YOU...

1. Connection

Clarity on self-sabotage patterns & connect the dot to root cause


2. Healing

Healing of root causes, releasing energy blocks & reframing of beliefs, patterns & stories


3. Honour

Plan of action for moving forward & honouring your needs 

What you will GET...

90min coaching call via video call

Plan of action to move you forward

A week access to me after the call for any questions

Inner child healing if needed

Your investment in YOU.

Paid in


Payment Plan


Per month for 3 months

Once submitted.. I will email you to get this booked in but please note, my availability for 2022 is limited so there may be a slight wait, depending on availability/timezones.

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