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I'm Candice

I'm so happy to have you here!
Let me share a little bit about my story..
I score 10/10 on the childhood trauma ACES test. I grew up in London, in an extremely toxic environment.
My dad left 10 days before my 3rd b'day, never to be seen again & my mum & step-dad, have always suffered with mental health issues & alcoholism.

I am an only child & grew up very quickly, responsible for my caregivers in a very neglectful, abusive & traumatic environment. There's more to my story but you get the gist!

This led to me having to overcome a huge amount of trauma & very deep inner wounds of abandonment, rejection & not feeling good enough.  
I was extremely codependent, I people pleased in my relationships, I had such low self esteem, I completely ignored my needs, I had no idea what a boundary was, staying in toxic relationships being treated poorly & I felt guilty if I wasn't sacrificing myself for others.
 You name it, I have had to overcome it.
But...I also had an undeniable drive & determination from a young age to not let it define me and stop me from living a happy & healthy life..which I believe you do too, or you wouldn't have found yourself here. 
I made incredibly unloving decisions to myself over and over again and gave away my power for a really long time whilst seeking to be loved by others​

Until I finally learnt that everything I was searching for in others,
I already had inside me...​
I dedicated my life to reversing the impacts of trauma on my mind, body and building self love.
I healed my deep inner wounds, released my fear & learnt to master my mindset.

It's still a journey but I no longer feel how I did, I have healthy relationships with myself & others. I make healthy decisions based on deep self love for myself, not fear or guilt anymore. I have strong boundaries, I have learnt to manage & heal my anxiety & I feel unbelievable peace, positivity & happiness. 


And I still feel fear like everyone, but now I realise that freedom lives on the other side of fear, so I face it head on and make my way to freedom! I’m coming for you!!

And it’s not because everything is perfect and no challenges come my way, they do, believe me... but I finally accept that I am the only thing that I can control... Spoiler’s all in our mindset! and you can control yours too!

And best of all, I feel grateful for all the trauma I had to overcome, it gave me the most incredible gift of being able to deeply understand trauma & it's impacts. As a result, I'm able to help others to feel heard, seen & understood whilst guiding them on their journey to a better tomorrow. 

Whatever your story is, whatever your beliefs are, don’t let it be your tomorrow. Your past does not dictate your future and together, we can recreate your story, free yourself from your inner wounds, recreate new self loving patters of self trust & learn to have healthy relationships with others. 

For me, it's my life's mission. I want to save you years of hard, painful lessons and give you the knowledge, tools and techniques that saved my life in a lot less time, and therapy.  


Hence why I started this business, it brings me pure joy and, I feel in pure alignment with my purpose.  

Thank you so much for letting me share my story with you. If you relate to any of it, feel free to send me a message.  

I honestly believe you can overcome anything.

with love

Candice x

Intrigued to find out how I can support you on your journey?


I'd love to hold space for you, you deserve to be heard. 

We'll talk about some of the challenges you are experiencing & if one of my offers will be able to support you with this. 

This will also be a great chance for us to see if our energy aligns as I only work with people I align with as I want the relationship to feel safe so that you get what you need from it & the best results.


There are absolutely no obligations to work wit me. 

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