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What is the anxious & avoidant trap?

The anxious & avoidant trap is when two attachment styles, the anxious & avoidant get together.

These are two insecure attachment styles that are highly attracted to each other but struggle to meet each others needs.

This creates a push/pull dynamic in the relationship where both parties are triggering each other.

These relationships often develop to be toxic, addictive & hard to walk away from if you don't know how to navigate them.

signs you are or have been in it>

  • The relationship is a rollercoaster of emotions, push/pull cycle of closeness & then space where you are anxious

  • Mentally & emotionally you don't feel they are connected to you as you are to them, sometimes they feel close but other times more distant.

  • You argue a lot about small things that turn into big arguments, you tend to argue about the same things without much changing and you don't feel heard & understood.

  • You feel blamed a lot in the relationship.

  • It's hard to walk away, you feel too connected (addicted) to them.

say goodbye to this painful push/pull cycle 

This is for you if...

  • You are currently in an anxious and avoidant relationship


  • You are single and want to find out how to avoid attracting avoidant partners


  • You know you have any anxious attachment style


  • You have a history of attracting emotionally unavailable/non-committal partners

Hey, i'm candice

A Trauma & mindset coach, dedicated to guiding you to having healthy relationships with yourself & others. 

I specialise in attachment trauma, anxious attachment style in particular.

Why? because I was anxiously attached too.


I had a deep fear of abandonment from childhood & even though I knew I had experienced a lot of trauma as a child, I had no idea about attachment styles.

It's wild how little information & support is out there on them, you could be in therapy for years & they wouldn't even mention them. Yet, they are literally the exact reason we struggle to have healthy relationships with ourselves & others.


For years, I stayed in toxic relationships, clinging hold of them because I now know, my abandonment wound was so triggered. I sabotaged relationships too with my anxiety. Honestly, I thought I was crazy!!


I too was in the anxious & avoidant trap & boy oh boy, was it painful! I had no idea what attachment styles even were back then & I WISH I had the knowledge I have now on the subject as it would have changed everything!!


So this is EXACTLY what I will teach you in this masterclass!

here's the tea...

the anxious & avoidant trap masterclass

​What we will cover & so much more:

  • Learn about the anxious and avoidant attachment styles & their needs


  • Learn all about the anxious & avoidant trap (AKA the push pull cycle)​


  • Learn how to navigate the trap if you’re currently in it so that you are less anxious & can create a healthy dynamic where you both get your needs met

  • Learn how to navigate a break up from the Anxious + Avoidant trap


  • Learn what to look for in dating (13 early warning signs to look out for) so that you can avoid getting into the trap & attract secure partners

PLUS you will get access to the recording of the LIVE Q&A where incredible souls like you asked their burning questions which shaped a very interesting conversation you need to hear!




Around $37

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