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1:1 Coaching with Candice

Are you ready to free yourself from the past, build your relationship with yourself to live a happy & healthy life with less anxiety?

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I'm a certified NLP (neuro-linguistics) practitioner mindset & trauma informed coach. Why both you ask?

I believe a lot of our present mindset & beliefs are created from past traumatic experiences.


To me, trauma is any experience that triggered an emotional response & therefore shaped our view of the world & ourselves.


It can range from childhood trauma to divorced parents to being bullied or even a bad relationship or break up. It all counts & has an impact.


Every traumatic experience we go through shapes who we are & what we believe & not always positively.


It can often hold us back with fear, make us more cautious, lower our self esteem & self love, create people pleasers & an abundance of self doubt & limiting beliefs to begin with .


This was me, please read my story if you want to know more. 

How I can help?

Whilst coaching is very much about the present & future rather than focusing on the past, I believe it is super important to acknowledge & recognise where our present mindset & beliefs come from, this takes away its power, setting us free to heal & move forward.


Once we take away its power, we can work on reframing the mindset so that you can begin to build more self love, self confidence, self respect, self soothing, healthy relationships, healthy habits, healthy thinking and so much more.

We absolutely do not have to discuss the trauma or experience itself in order to heal & move forward. 


NLP is all about using techniques to reframe your mind & giving you the tools to be able to self regulate yourself.

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You are being held back by past experiences or unhealthy people in your life.

You are stuck doing what you 'think' you should do rather than what you want to do

You don't know who you are & what sets your soul on fire & therefore your life does not feel aligned, everything seems like a struggle. 

You struggle to set boundaries with yourself & other people, you prioritise others needs over your own. You feel responsible for others. 

You are a people pleaser & give your all to be loved by others. Only to be disappointed that they can't live up to your expectations & make you happy.


You seek validation from external sources & struggle to trust yourself & your inner guide. Instead, constantly asking others for validation & guidance before making decisions. 

You have unhealthy habits & relationships that are not serving you but you don't have the confidence to change them. 

You are settling in life, making poor decisions, accepting poor behaviour & struggle to stand up for yourself out of fear. You know something doesn't feel right but you don't have the courage to face your fears. 

Your anxiety, negative thoughts & self doubts are ruling your life, you know you want to manage them but you aren't sure how. 

You are limiting yourself & your abilities as you have limiting beliefs from your past that are holding you back in your present. 

You feel you are not good enough & won't be accepted & loved as your authentic self.

Is this you?


Healed, Happy

& Healthy

1:1 Coaching Programme

Path to

The programme is completely tailored to your individual needs.

If you experienced trauma in your childhood or grew up in a dysfunctional home it has lasting impacts on your sense of self & health as an adult.


Our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we have & it impacts every aspect of our life. How we treat ourselves, is how others will treat us.


As children, we rely on our caregivers to show us the way but this doesn't always happen unfortunately, which can leave us with a whole lot of unresolved feelings & pain.


If we are not taught as children how to have healthy relationships with ourselves, it is not fair or our fault but it is our responsibility as adults to heal & to teach ourselves, as it will be impacting every aspect of your life, causing more pain & holding you back from the life you deserve - but how? if we weren't shown.


This was me, it took me over 20+ years to learn everything in this programme but I want to save you the time & the many years of pain. This is exactly why this programme has been designed, to guide you to building a better relationship with yourself which will have a positive impact on all other areas of your life, as it all starts with YOU!


It's a 3 month programme with 3 phases, taking you from unhealed to healed, happy & healthy. I'll be with you every step of the way.

Phase 1 is all about finding peace & self acceptance within yourself, building awareness over unhealed wounds & working to self heal.
Phase 1
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week 1-4



Connect with yourself to get to know who you really are, without the trauma, without others opinions, who you are at your core, your values, passions & what you really want for your life.



Gain clarity of how your childhood trauma/dysfunction is presenting in your adult life in your sense of self, triggers, anxiety/depression, fears, patterns, stories & beliefs.



Its time to set yourself free, to learn how to self-heal, to hold forgiveness where its needed & greater peace within yourself including healing of toxic shame.



Let go of the stories you have told yourself, accept who you are & build self compassion for yourself.
Phase 2 is all about building your self worth, learning how to fill your own cup up with self love & building your confidence & appreciation for yourself.
Phase 2
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week 5-8



Building awareness of codependent /counterdependent & self sabotaging patterns that are showing up & reframe them to rebuild new positive patterns.



Recognising what is serving you & what is not, learning to set external boundaries comfortably in all areas of your life, including with toxic people.



Acknowledging & reframing any limiting beliefs holding you back to rebuild your self belief & self confidence.



Recognising & appreciating your strengths & changing negative self talk into positive self talk.
Phase 3 is all about learning to self nurture, creating healthy habits and looking towards the future with clear goals & whole lot of confidence.
Phase 3
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week 9-12



Learning techniques to manage anxiety/stress and creating a self regulation plan to ensure a healthy mind, body & soul.



Creating a daily self love practice & internal boundaries that fits into your lifestyle & learning to move with intention to ensure self love comes first.



Creating a roadmap with realistic goals for you to continue on your growth journey with new found confidence & belief in yourself.



Time to reflect on anything that’s coming up, celebrate yourself for the last 3months progression, determine next steps & any extra guidance needed.


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Are you ready to...

Start living life on your terms, not what someone else wants you to do or what you past dictates, on your terms?

Get rid of baggage, beliefs & fear that are holding you back and build the confidence & self love to live aligned to who you really are?

Free yourself from past pain, heal & move forward confidently using the lessons as strength to build a better tomorrow?

Master your mindset & stop making excuses, instead to live a life full of joy, inner peace & happiness, all within your control?

Build  life changing healthy habits & relationships with yourself  & others?

Let's do it! I will be holding your hand every step of the way.

  • What is the difference between coaching & therapy?
    Therapy is great for talking about your feelings, trauma events & processing your emotions but it doesn't give you the path or action steps to move past the trauma, to get you to where you want to be. Coaching is this gap, it is results driven & requires action. It is designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be. My coaching also addresses/heals the trauma & then moves you forward. A lot of my clients have been in therapy for years & haven't seen results, after just a few months working with me, they make changes in their lives/minds that they NEVER thought they would.
  • What's included with private coaching?
    > 3 x 1:1 60min sessions via video call with Candice per month > Unlimited private voxer voicenote/text support with Candice > Fieldwork & worksheets inbetween sessions > Tools & techniques for self-coaching
  • How will sessions take place?
    They are all online over video call on zoom
  • What if I'm in another country?
    No problem, I work with clients all around the world in different time zones so that isn't a problem, we will be able to find a time that suits.
  • Do you offer one session at a time?
    I don't, my coaching is based on getting you results and guides you through a tried & tested model which I can only guarantee results once followed for a certain amount of time.
  • I can't afford 1:1 coaching at the moment, is there an alternative?
    Yes, I created The Secure Mastermind which is a beautiful hybrid of 1:1 & group coaching at an affordable price. For more details click the button below:
  • What is voxer support?
    Voxer is a free app that allows you to voice note or text me directly outside of our sessions for any guidance that you may need or want to work through. This is your private access to me throughout our container for your maximum support & growth.
  • Not seen the answer to your question here.....
    No problem, book a free 15min call on the link above & I will answer any questions you have, alternatively contact me on
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