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Hey, I'm Candice

Thank you so much for coming to my site, I'm so grateful to have you here. 

I'm a certified trauma informed self-love & mindset coach, NLP practitioner & graduate at the school of hard knocks.

What’s my story?

I’m going to be really honest with you because honesty has always been my best policy and quite frankly, we are complicated humans, shit happens so pretending life has been a bed of roses would be a lie and I personally wouldn’t want a coach who hadn’t lived life.

I grew up in London in a council estate, in an extremely toxic and abusive environment. My dad left 10 days before my 3rd b’day (I haven’t seen him since, 30 years and and my mum and stepdad have been abusive alcoholics for as long as I can remember. I had experienced all forms of abuse, neglect, abandonment & addiction ongoing by the age of 7.


I am an only child and yeah yeah I know, usually that means spoilt, but when your parents are sick with addictive diseases, busy abusing you, each other and destroying themselves, you will be lucky if you get any attention at all. Meanwhile…you are just there, watching powerless, becoming parents to your ‘parents’ and parents to yourself. There's more to my story but you get the gist. 


I grew up very quick and my mind was like an old wise woman by the age of 10, I’m glad my age is finally catching up ha!

I grew up with low self-esteem, no concept of self-love or boundaries, a mountain full of limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, no trust, rejection, anger, pain, fear... you name it, I've felt it!


But I also had an undeniable drive and determination from a young age to not let it define me and to reach my potential....which I believe you do too, or you wouldn't have found yourself here.

Was it fair? No! was it hard? Yes! would it have been easier to just be a victim and play the ‘poor me’ card…Yes! but being a victim, was NEVER an option for me. 

I didn’t know how, but I knew I had to develop myself to be better and retrain my mind to think differently. I never, ever stopped working towards this goal. It’s been a lifelong mission of personal development and one I am proud to say, I have achieved. Of course I’m still learning, I always will be and I absolutely love it!


But I’ve freed myself and it is no longer my story that defines me…because we all have a story, we can all be a victim of something..but where does it get us?


We also have a choice, a choice to create our story for a better tomorrow. I have recreated my story and I want to work with you to recreate yours. I want to help you free yourself and be your own superhero, because no one else is going to save you. I literally believe you can do anything you put your mind to, and I really want you to believe that too.

What story did I create for myself?

I left school with 1 GCSE to my name, learning about ratio’s and chemistry just didn’t seem all that important to me, when my home life everyday was a war zone that I was just trying to stay sane in.


Still, I wasn’t going to let that hold me back, I was determined.


I have switched careers and reinvented myself a few times, taking leaps most wouldn’t dare and certainly ones society deem as ‘impossible’ (insert rolled eyed emoji), even having a long, successful and well paid career in Investment Banking, climbing the ladder to a senior position very quickly with no degree and 1 GCSE (in Drama), who would have thought it!? I did so well at blending in and being 'normal’ no one even realised.

Did it fulfil me? short answer..No!


Sure, I liked it - it gave me significance, I learnt a lot, met wonderful people and it allowed me the opportunity to buy my own house which I am unbelievably grateful for. A happy home was all I dreamt of as a child and being able to create that for myself, is powerful. 


But, it didn’t align with my values and beliefs at my core and who I really was. I have been given the cards that I was dealt for a reason and 'blending in' is not being true to my authentic self. We are all made different for a reason, being our authentic selves is our true power but it took me a long time to realise that and have the confidence to harness it, something I want to help you with. 

So what does set my soul on fire and align with my heart? I hear you say.

Well…it sounds terribly cliché (forgive me) but empowering people to free themselves from the past, master their mindsets and lead happy & healthy fulfilled lives!


Watching people I love my whole life destroy themselves and everyone around them because they were unhealed from past traumas/dysfunction and now knowing first hand that we have the power within us to change it, is something I want everyone to know & master.


For me, it's my life's mission. I want to save you years of hard, painful lessons and give you the knowledge, tools and techniques that saved my life. 


Hence why I have started this business, it brings me pure joy and, I feel in pure alignment with my purpose.  

The truth is, I realise now, my worst days were actually my greatest gifts and best lessons and they are yours too. I am grateful for everything. Literally everything. It made me who I am today, my own superhero. 


It took along time, a lot of painful lessons and work but now, I have a positive mindset & my life is the opposite, every day it's full of gratitude, joy, peace, happiness, love, laughter, self love, self confidence, healthy boundaries, undeniable belief in myself...


And I still feel fear like everyone, but now I realise that freedom lives on the other side of fear, so I face it head on and make my way to freedom! I’m coming for you!!

And it’s not because everything is perfect and no challenges come my way, they do, believe me... but I finally accept that I am the only thing that I can control... Spoiler’s all in our mindset! and you can control yours too!

Whatever your story is, whatever your beliefs are, don’t let it be your tomorrow. Your past does not dictate your future and together, we can recreate your story, free yourself from your old beliefs and anxiety, give you the tools to manage your mindset, connect you with the life you really want and the confidence to live your life on your terms.

Nothing is impossible! Don’t let your mind tell you otherwise! and I will happily be here to remind you of that!

Thank you so much for letting me share my story with you. If you relate to any of it, feel free to send me a message. 

Candice x

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