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Ready to go from Doormat to Boundary Boss? 

Thought so, this workshop is for you!

My love, I know inputting boundaries is hard for you... hell, you prob don't even know what a boundary is and the thought of saying no, fills you with GUILT...I get it, trust me.. I do! This workshop is what you need! 

As let me tell you, not having boundaries is causing you a whole lot of pain & anxiety in your relationships and you have the control to change that!
And it will be so worth it when you do as life get's whole lot more peaceful & you get the loving relationships you deserve!
This is a workshop, not me talking at you boring you :) I wanted you to get the most out of it & for it to be so relevant to you so I take you through personal practical exercises for you to identify areas that need boundaries in your life. 

In this workshop we cover:
  • Boundary Foundations: Learn all about boundaries, what they are, who to set them with & the difference between healthy vs unhealthy boundaries
  • Workshop: Participate in 3 exercises to identify what your needs are & where you need to put boundaries in & HOW to input these boundaries in
  • Communicating without conflict: Learn some tips on how to ask for your needs to be met without causing conflict
Instant access now & access to re-watch anytime
£111 paid in full or 2 payments of £55 over 2 months
Hit the bottom below & say goodbye to feeling like a doormat & step into your power as a boundary boss
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