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My love...can you imagine it?

Being in full control of your life, no longer allowing yourself to be manipulated & having boundaries in place to protect you

Feeling like you are good enough & not to blame for everything, no longer taking the blame for others shitty behaviour & instead, being compassionate to yourself rather than self-critical

Having healthy relationships that feel safe, breaking the patterns of attracting & keeping people in your life that don't make you feel safe & loved

Having freedom in your mind, breaking free from the hold they had on you & able to live life on your terms

Having deep self-trust, no longer needing others validation, able to think for yourself & not second guessing yourself or doing what makes them happy

Putting yourself first without guilt, communicating your needs & boundaries assertively with ease, only having relationships in your life that are adding value to you

It's time to take the shackles off & step into freedom...
I know exactly how you feel..
I experienced a lot of a trauma as a child & grew up in a very dysfunctional family (see 'about' page for more details) with deep narcissist abuse 

Not only was I raised by one, I married one. 

I worked hard to fix, change, please and love every narcissist in my life, no matter how much they destroyed me.

I happily took on the blame for their behaviour as I had been manipulated to, I thought being lied to was just part of love & became a pawn in their game of endlessly validating them whilst I desperately begged for love riddled with anxiety

But, I worked on strengthening my mind & awareness so that I could break free from their grips & cut them all off along time ago. Which was hard but the best thing I ever did!

Since then, I have rebuilt myself, learnt to give myself the love I desperately seeked in others, have healthy relationships & I feel unbelievable peace, positivity & happiness as I am now free to live my life for me.

Not only that, I now get to use my experience to guide others to freedom too.It took me years and years of self-learning to break free but I don't want that for anyone else as lord knows it's painful, I'm so grateful that I am able to guide my clients to that in months! 
I'm certified in:
Dealing with Narcissism
Trauma Informed
(Impacts on the mind, body & sense of self)
Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP (unblocking & reframing the mindset)
Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT)
Inner Child Healing
Life Coaching

I use a combination of tools & techniques to get you the best results:
Coaching / Inner Child Healing / NLP / Parts Work / Energy Work / EFT / Shadow Work

My programme is results driven to ensure you get the results you want

And, is designed to give you at least 3 years worth of healing in just 3 months!!

What Clients Say

"I have been looking for freedom in my mind after Narc abuse for my whole life & after working with you for a short time, I am finally feeling it. It feels so good to trust my ides & thoughts without needing external validation"- J.O
It's time to reclaim your power & start living life for you..
This is for you if..

You think you have a narcissist in your life or someone with narcissist traits & are struggling to deal with them & want to gain control

You grew up with narcissist abuse in your family & want to break free from the impacts of that

You have been impacted by narcissist abuse & want to work on healing the abuse & overcoming the impacts of the abuse

You attract toxic partners that you think may have narcissist traits & you want to break the cycle

You have been in or are in unhealthy relationships with emotional abuse that you want to manage, break free from or heal from the impacts

You want to break free & set boundaries with a narcissist or someone with narcissist traits

What Clients Say

After working with Candice, I feel I have awareness & I feel more confident, more clear headed & calmer about this, in a better mood, seeing how little things can make an impact. - S A
It's time to release the fear & know that you are ENOUGH
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The ultimate 1:1 coaching container to free yourself from Narcissist abuse so that you can live life for you with healthy relationships
Using my signature method
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Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 19.14.16.png
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What you will get...
1:1 coaching calls - amount of sessions depends on length of coaching, see below for details. 

30 minute introduction callso we can get to know each other & make sure we are a great fit to work together & that this programme is for you

30 minute follow up callafter programme ends to ensure you have all the support you need 

Fieldwork & worksheets in-between sessions to ensure you are on track to reach your goals

Daily voxer voicenote support yep, in-between sessions, you will have direct access to me to be coached on the go, anything comes up & you literally have a coach in your back pocket

Tools & techniques to self coach & self heal long after the programme ends
Programme Outline
Programme completely tailored and mapped out to your needs but an idea of what we can cover..
Clarity on narcissistic abuse/manipulative tactics & how that applies to you. Full awareness of how that is impacting you & releasing any stories that are keeping you trapped, allowing yourself to heal & move forward. 
Building your relationship with self, finding out who you are without the abuse, connecting with you & learning to trust you again. Reframing your mindset to break free of self-blame & criticism to a more confident, self-trusting, loving & authentic you.
Releasing the guilt holding you back, taking control of your life, setting boundaries with ease, putting you first & living life on your terms with only healthy relationships that feel good.
Your investment in YOU..
Paid in Full
3x 60min pm coaching calls + Voxer support
Payment Plans
2 months x £410pm
3 months x £288pm
months x £148pm
Paid in Full
5x 60min coaching calls + Voxer support
Payment Plans
2 months x £577.5pm
3 months x £399pm
6 months x £203pm
3 months coaching
Paid in Full
3x 60min PM coaching calls + Voxer support
Payment Plans
3 months x £759pm
6 months x £388pm
12 months x £199pm
6 months coaching
Paid in Full
3x 60min PM coaching calls + Voxer support
Payment Plans
3 months x £1496pm
6 months x £755pm
12months x £381pm


How Sabah went from deep self doubt to confidence, clear & calm after Narcissistic abuse from a parent in just 6 weeks

After working with Candice, I feel I have awareness & I feel more confident, more clear headed & calmer about this, in a better mood, seeing how little things can make an impact.

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 20.31.19.png


How Fulvia went from self-abandonment to self-love & healthy relationships after Narcissistic abuse

The more I learnt from Candice, the more understanding I had of these behavioural patterns and this knowledge has been really invaluable for me. I have started to put myself and my needs first, even when this has felt uncomfortable at times however, I have seen a big change in the way that I feel towards myself.

What Clients Say

"Thank you for the session. It really helped. I feel a lot clearer and less anxious.I have been doing the steps to take care of myself like we planned. I spoke to my partner too and set some boundaries, I communicated them how we discussed & he was supportive! I feel so much happier. Thank you" - M.F
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