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1:1 Coaching
with Candice

Are you ready to free yourself from the past,
fall in love with your authentic self & create fulfilled lives/relationships with less anxiety?
My love...can you imagine it?

No longer having daily anxiety, instead knowing how to regulate, moderate & move through anxious thoughts & feelings when they come up

Creating healthy, loving relationships that you feel secure in, self-assured & no longer filled with anxiety/doubts & totally able to communicate your needs clearly

Trusting you and your intuition with full faith - able to face your fears rather than let them control you

Breaking free from self sabotaging patterns & living authentically with full self acceptance & compassion.

Putting yourself first without guilt, communicating your needs & boundaries assertively with ease, only having relationships in your life that are adding value to you

Knowing & loving yourself so much that you don’t feel like you have to change yourself in order to fit in, you’re fully connected & accepting of who you are naturally

Not wasting time & energy overthinking every interaction, holding yourself back & worrying about others opinions

Mastering your mindset to change negative self talk/thoughts into kind & empowering ones.

It's time to fall in love with you
I know exactly how you feel..
I experienced a lot of a trauma as a child & grew up in a very dysfunctional family (see 'about' page for more details) and as a result...

I didn't even know what love was, let alone self love

I was filled with fear & anxiety, I was making incredibly painful decisions based on fear - staying in toxic relationships, letting people walk all over me, feeling needy, I had no idea what a boundary was, I had extremely low self worth and it showed. 

Self sabotage might as well had been my middle name, people pleasing, striving for perfection, negative self talk & thoughts... you name it, I had to overcome it. 

Now? I have healthy relationships with myself & others. I make healthy decisions based on deep self love for myself, not fear or guilt anymore. I have strong boundaries, I have learnt to manage & heal my anxiety & I feel unbelievable peace, positivity & happiness. 

It took me over 20+ years to get here but I don't want it to take so long for you, lord's painful. 

That's exactly why I have designed this programme, it's based on my exact path to self love & I have seen work for my clients, but in just 3 months with my support
I'm certified in:
Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP (unblocking & reframing the mindset)
Trauma Informed (Impacts on the mind, body & sense of self)
Dealing with Narcissism
Inner Child Healing
Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT)

Life Coaching

I use a combination of tools & techniques to get you the best results:
Coaching / Inner Child Healing / NLP / Trauma Work / Energy Work /
Self-coaching / EFT / Breath-work / Visualization / Shadow Work

My programme is results driven to ensure you get the results you want

And, is designed to give you at least 3 years worth of healing in just 3 months!!

What Clients Say

My desire to please people is disappearing more and more. I'm taking the time to check if it's actually what I want to do before agreeing to things, instead of what I ‘should’ do. Absolutely loving our sessions! You’re just fab - E.O
It's time to stop...

Pushing people away - constantly doubting them and needing reassurance, making them feel like you don't trust them & showing it by looking for evidence on their phone or social media

Accepting shitty behaviour - making excuses for peoples lack of effort, not setting your standard & acting like the prize that you are, staying in unfulfilled, toxic relationships

Being a doormat - not having clear boundaries and asserting yourself, over giving and feeling resentful for it, getting little in return. 

Torturing yourself - with self doubts, negative thoughts and comparison, picking yourself apart whilst being kinder to everyone else on the planet

Feeling needy - ignoring you & your needs, not trusting yourself and not filling you up, instead trusting everyone else and relying on others to fill you up

Bending yourself backwards - to please others, walking on eggshells, changing you to fit in, obsessing over what people think 

Letting fear & anxiety win - being controlled by it, making decisions based on it..not today hunny!! 

Giving your power away - relying on others to reassure & validate your worth, pinning your worth to another's action, opinions, interest in you, kisses at the end of a text, anything but your actual worth...which is sky high lovely, let me show you. 

This is for YOU,if....

You're constantly worrying about what other people think about you, do they like me? - if someone doesn’t message you back it sends you into a spiral of overthinking 

You don't feel like you know who you really are and what your wants & needs are, or how to fill them

You struggle to set boundaries, say no or communicate your needs assertively to get what you want as you are riddled with guilt

You’re over analysing everyone’s interaction with you, stuck in cycles of people-pleasing because you’re terrified that your authentic self won’t be accepted

You are always over giving to others & end up being resentful when your needs are not met

You're accepting shitty behaviour in your relationships because you deep down don’t know if you believe you deserve any better

You're overwhelmed with anxiety & fear that your partner will leave you, constantly needing them to reassure you 

You’re going for unavailable partners who aren’t looking for the same kind of relationship that you’re craving and staying for too long out of fear that you won't find anything better

You over-attach to new partners quickly, giving your all & end up feeling anxious, chasing after them & obsessing over what you did? when they pull back.

You aren't able to concentrate on daily tasks because you’re SO consumed by anxiety

You put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect, to ensure you are loved & liked but it doesn’t get you what you want

Your mental health is suffering as you struggle to make healthy choices that will improve your wellbeing, instead opting for comfort eating, distractions, substance abuse etc

What Clients Say

"You have changed my life. I just realised. All your love, support & guidance. It's life changing to have your support, thank you. Whoever has the opportunity to work with you on their journey is fortunate, like me" - M.V
If this is you... then it's time to discover the...

Path to


The ultimate 1:1 coaching container foR THOSE looking to love their authentic selves first & create happy & healthy lives & relationships with less anxiety
Release the fears, beliefs, anxieties and self sabotaging patterns that have been holding you back for years in just months
Using my signature method
Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 19.14.28.png
Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 19.14.16.png
Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 19.11.14.png
What you will get...
60min 1:1 Coaching Calls - we will meet weekly to work through the programme & support you with what's coming up 1:1

30 minute introduction call - so we can get to know each other & make sure we are a great fit to work together & that this programme is for you

30 minute follow up call - after programme ends to ensure you have all the support you need 

Fieldwork & worksheets - in-between sessions to ensure you are on track to reach your goals

Daily voxer voicenote support yep, in-between sessions, you will have direct access to me to be coached on the go, anything comes up & you literally have a coach in your back pocket

Tools & techniques to self coach & self heal long after the programme ends
Programme Outline
Phase 1 - building awareness over unhealed inner wounds & working through deep healing work.
Finding peace & self acceptance within yourself

Gain clarity on where you are currently, where you really want to be without the fear & what is holding you back.


Connect with yourself to get to know who you really are, without the trauma, without others opinions, who you are at your core, your values, passions etc


It’s time to set yourself free, to learn how to self-heal, to hold forgiveness where it's needed & greater peace within yourself including healing of toxic shame.

Let go of the stories you have told yourself, accept who you are & build self compassion for yourself
Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 19.14.28.png
Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 19.14.16.png
Phase 2 - breaking self sabotaging patterns, learning how to fill your own cup up, setting boundaries with ease, building your self-confidence & belief

Recognising & appreciating your strengths & changing negative self talk into positive self talk.


Turning your fears/self doubts into self trust & assurance. Building awareness of self sabotaging patterns & reframing them to build new positive patterns


Acknowledging & reframing any limiting beliefs holding you back to rebuild your self belief & self confidence.


Recognising what is serving you & what is not, learning to set external boundaries comfortably in all areas of your life, including with toxic people.
Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 19.11.14.png
Phase 3- learning to self nurture to improve your wellbeing, manage anxiety, create self loving habits. Looking towards the future with clear goals & confidence

Learning techniques to manage anxiety/stress and creating a self regulation plan to ensure a healthy mind, body & soul.


Creating a daily self love practice & internal boundaries that fits into your lifestyle & learning to move with intention to ensure self love comes first.


Creating a roadmap with realistic goals for you to continue on your growth journey with new found confidence & belief in yourself.


Time to reflect on anything that’s coming up, celebrate yourself for the last 3 months progression, determine next steps & any extra guidance
Your investment in YOU
The Expansion
6 weeks coaching
Paid in Full
5x 60min coaching calls + Voxer support
Payment Plans
3 months x £477pm
6 months x £246pm
9 months x £168pm
3 months coaching
Paid in Full
3x 60min per month calls + Voxer support
Payment Plans
3 months x £940pm
6 months x £477pm
12 months x £242pm
6 months coaching
Paid in Full
3x 60min per month calls + Voxer support
Payment Plans
3 months x £1866pm
6 months x £940pm
12months x £473pm


How Emma went from anxiously people pleasing in relationships to confidently pleasing herself & creating healthy relationships with less anxiety

After years of therapy, I found myself understanding my habits/thoughts/behaviours and not really knowing what to do about them. I couldn't believe how many changes I made in just 3 months of working with Candice

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 20.31.19.png


How Fulvia went from self-abandonment to self-love & healthy relationships with less anxiety after Narcissistic abuse

The more I learnt from Candice, the more understanding I had of these behavioural patterns and this knowledge has been really invaluable for me. I have started to put myself and my needs first, even when this has felt uncomfortable at times however, I have seen a big change in the way that I feel towards myself.

What Clients Say

"Thank you for the session. It really helped. I feel a lot clearer and less anxious.I have been doing the steps to take care of myself like we planned. I spoke to my partner too and set some boundaries, I communicated them how we discussed & he was supportive! I feel so much happier. Thank you" - M.F
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